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From the Principal's Desk:

Education and National Development have a symbolic relationship ever since Nations and education have assumed a primordial role in human existence. It is imperative to mention here that the need to impart true education is felt with far more intensity today than ever before.

In present times we find a cut throat competition not only among masses but also among nations.In such a scenario a nation has to be on a strong foot hold : which is possible only when its youth is well educated.

Dear Students , treasure of education is greater than all treasureof the world . All the treasure may be desolate one day but the treasure of education can never desolated. The main objective of education is to develop good character , memory and health. The relationship between teachers and students must be like the sun and its rays. Parents should enlighten their children through education. School is temple of education and teachers are its priests. Education is meaningful only if it is able to impart true knowledge to man.

The Highly qualified & richly experienced faculty of the school equips the students for the challenges of life .Their role of friend , philosopher & guide creates a healthy atmosphere for the holistic growth of the students . As a result ,the school can take legitimate pride in producing valuable citizens for society.

I'm sure the school will achieve greater heights on the path of progress.

Ranvir Kaur